12I have been a maker all my life, always knitting, sewing, crocheting, basketmaking, embroidering anything I could find, until 2002, when I commenced a degree course at NCAD and discovered clay. This resulted in a Degree Show in 2006 which comprised of a series of life sized figurative pieces. I thought then, that I had just touched the surface of the endless possibilities of what clay had to offer and I needed to know more. I spent some time on residencies in Hungary, Ireland and visited China on a ceramic tour which confirmed to me that clay was the path I had to pursue.

I wanted to learn more and successfully completed a 2 year Masters programme in ceramics at NCAD in 2010.

My ceramic practice is an exploration of ceramics for our senses. I am interested in providing an alternative sensory experience and allowing an interaction with my work as I believe it can bring a whole new meaning to the viewer. Touching the work opens up a dialogue about what the pieces are made from, how they are made and what is the meaning behind them. By accessing the richness and breath of form the viewer can also experience the feel and hand of the maker.

This work challenged the notion of art as an experience for those who are visually impaired while simultaneously expanding our understanding of what we as sighted people see in a work of art. The ethos of inclusivity is central to my work and is the driver for me to engage with an issue which receives little attention in the creative world.